List questionsCategory: Diet & NutritionWill I get fat from smoothies?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I live in America and I am watching my calories and trying to lose weight. I have been told that Smoothies contain a lot of calories. Can I still have a Smoothie in the morning?

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Dr. Edward Layne Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes. People who are watching their calorie intake can still have a Smoothie as a replacement for their breakfast or lunch. My wife uses more leafy greens than fruits and vegetables in her Smoothie, and she uses water in place of juice to reduce the calories.
I am proud of you for watching your calories. This is something that all of us in developed countries should be doing. You may want to try adding more green leafy vegetables to your Smoothie. Calorie for calorie, you will obtain much more quality nutrition from your Smoothie than from the traditional American breakfast foods. Above all, you can avoid adding extra calories to your Smoothie by reducing or eliminating yogurt or ice cream from the Smoothie.