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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I do a lot of exercise and I have been adding a commercial “Protein powder” to my Smoothie. It has been giving me a lot of “gas” during the day. What can I do? (Mr. Gaseous)

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Dr. Edward Layne Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Mr. Gaseous, many commercial “Protein powders” are milk-based and require the enzyme “Lactase” for complete digestion. Lactase in normally produced in the gut of children but many adults do not make enough Lactase to digest these milk products.
Try substituting “Pea Protein” powder or chew some commercially available “Lactaid” tablets whenever you drink your Smoothie. You should also know that many seeds and nuts contain lots of protein. I do not digest milk and milk products well and I often use “Pea Protein” powder and/ or a mixture of Chia seeds, Golden Flaxseed and raw Almonds for added protein