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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I love the taste of fresh Pineapple and fresh Papaya when I am traveling in the tropics, but the fruit I get from my supermarket is “green” and does not have the same taste.  Is it ok to use canned Pineapple or canned Papaya to my Smoothies?
Mr. Pineapple

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Dr. Edward Layne Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Mr. Pineapple, I sympathize. I agree that fresh Pineapple, fresh Papaya and fresh seasonal fruits can add cleansing enzymes and a delicious flavor to your Smoothie. Unfortunately, many of the fruits that you buy from the supermarket have been picked before they fully ripen and have been specially treated to meet shipping requirements that are imposed by Customs in the receiving countries or by Agricultural Departments. These fruits and veggies often don’t taste the same after they have been shipped.
A Pineapple or a Papaya that is “canned in its own juice” or “canned in water” may give you the same flavor but may not have the same level of antioxidants as the fresh fruit. You can often find “frozen organic” chunks of pineapple and papaya at some high-end grocery chains in the “frozen berries” section. Try these and see if these meet your taste requirements.