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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I am watching my Calories and I have been told that “Green Smoothies can help me manage my weight. What is a “Green Smoothie” and what fluids can I use to dilute my Smoothies that do not add calories but will preserves the taste?
Signed- Young, Healthy & Sexy

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Dr. Edward Layne Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Young, Healthy & Sexy, many of my patients use filtered water or ice made from filtered water to dilute their Smoothie and cut down on calories. They recommend Cinnamon, Nutmeg or Ginger for flavor. You can also use a small amount of 100 percent juice of your choice to flavor your Smoothie without adding lots of calories
The term “Green Smoothie” just means that you increase the amount of Leafy Greens and cut back on the amounts of Fruits, Berries, Seeds and Nuts in your Smoothie. There are lots of recipes for great-tasting Green Smoothies on the web. It’s much more fun to create one of your own when you have some time